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  • Cats Charity on “Stamps Forever”

    Cats Charity on “Stamps Forever” Repost from USPS’ “Stamps Forever” website (link above). Equine Portraits Celebrating the bond between humans and horsesApril 1, 2024 In the 1944 movie National Velvet, then-12-year-old Elizabeth Taylor played the character Velvet Brown, who won a horse in a raffle and went on to fulfill racing dreams. Classic books such as My Friend Flicka…

  • Cats Charity on Lynn’s Stamp News

    Cats Charity on Lynn’s Stamp News

    On Dec 7, 2023, 11 AM, Lynn’s Stamp News wrote: Cats Charity to appear on one of five U.S. Horses stamps in 2024 By Allen Abel The gray white beauty named Cats Charity — “quite the cute little horse,” in the words of one of her several owners — is one of five horses that…

  • Summer Sun Fun Pet Photo Tips

    Summer Sun Fun Pet Photo Tips

    Here are a few quick tips on what to try when creating your own pet portraits: Get onto your knees or belly. The smaller the animal, the further down you should go to get a good angle. With dogs I often lay down. With horses I sometimes stand, but most often crouch to get the…

  • Spring is here!
  • NEW – Portrait Photography

    NEW – Portrait Photography

    After years of creating photos with and around horses, I am now moving into people portraits. In a stress-free session, I love to bring out your best, find out who you really are, and show that authentic person in all her (or his) beauty. Winter Special From January to April 2017 I am offering my Complete…

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