Hi, I am Karen and I am a photographer. I love the different qualities of light and to play with it, to find every person’s beauty and catch it with my camera.

Many people (most actually) dread having their pictures taken. Maybe they find their nose too big, their eyes too small, their skin not smooth enough etc., so they are apprehensive and feel awkward in front of a camera. That’s where I can help: with some conversation and laughter you will feel at ease and enjoy being outside, while I create some great photos of you. Special poses, techniques and my creativity will make you look the very best.

How did I get here? I got my first camera when I was about 10, and took photos of everything: people, plants, birds, flowers. During my apprenticeship years I was member of a little photo club, and spend many long nights in the darkroom. Through my studies of graphic design I developed a thorough understanding of layout and patterns, and I use that knowledge in my photos. Around 2000 I got my first digital camera, but it wasn’t until 2006 that I replaced my film SLR with a digital one. Since about that time I have been taking photos of horses running free, horses ridden, horses and their people. It was 2015 when I realized that I really enjoyed the people part of the photography a lot, and that is when I made the switch to just people portraits. My photography has evolved over the years, and I am good at catching the little moments where the real person emerges.

Are you ready to book a photo session? Or want to know more? Give me a call (206-229-0248) or contact me via webform. I am looking forward to hearing from you!