Summer Sun Fun Pet Photo Tips

Here are a few quick tips on what to try when creating your own pet portraits:

  1. Get onto your knees or belly. The smaller the animal, the further down you should go to get a good angle. With dogs I often lay down. With horses I sometimes stand, but most often crouch to get the best photos.
  2. Zoom in. Photos of pets are usually better when you get close.
  3. Be creative with light. Even though diffuse light is easy to work with, try some backlighting for more dramatic results. Backlighting means that the sun is behind your pet and creates a halo of light on his fur. be careful to not look into the sun directly through your viewfinder, that can damage your eyes.
  4. Try a silhouette. If your animal is in the shade with bright light behind it, a silhouette is a nice creative tool to try out.

Now go and have fun! And please share your results on my facebook page!